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1. We, as Free Members of the LIbera Associazione Il Popolo, declare that love exists and life is a right. The day they will become eternal for everyone will soon come. Thus, let’s stop immediately every form of violence and hostility so that the mutual help be total.
2. Human Rights and the 3 Social Principles of Non-violence must be respected everywhere, and be the single currency in Africa, the Arabic world and Latin America.
3.Where possible, small businesses must have hydro-turbines, aeolian turbines, solar panels, and any other means to produce clean energy on their own.
4. All the means to produce or trade goods and services must be granted to those who are willing to. An estate on their own, with seeds, manure, consultancy, product purchase and tanks for water preservation, farmyard, grazing and breeding animals.
5. All the above mentioned means must be paid without pressure, by instalments without interest, through the product purchase.
6. Everyone must be offered a job and a salary.
7. We also demand that water be transferred from places where there is plenty, like the sources of the main rivers, to places where it is lacking, like the areas where desertification is going on. Transported via water pipe systems, water-supply ships, and environment-friendly trucks. Clean-energy desalination plants must be built wherever possible. Further, new collection water tanks and large reservoir water tanks must be built.
8. The assistance of unarmed UN technicians must be provided for at least one year, everywhere it is needed.
9. This campaign aims at eliminating poverty by 2010 by fostering the growth of the global economy through developingthe rural areas, employment, and enterprise all over the world, especially in the poorest areas.
10. All that goes this way is complementary and welcome..
11. The funding should be raised through the ordinary investment trusts of the main banks and promoted in the media. Companies will undertake to sell the products. Unions, humanitarian organisations, journalists and international watchdogs must act as protectors against any illegal practice. Governments, in turn, will undertake to collect taxes and invest them in health, education, rights and poverty elimination.
12. In the event of illegal practices, the persons responsible for them are supposed to pay the damages.


There are plenty of ways to start immediately and be useful:
1. You can launch an INTERNET CAMPAIGNS
2. You can translate the web site Libera Associazione il Popolo in other languages
3. You can add the web site 2010: POVERTY ELIMINATION to your favorites.
4. You can open a personal web site with the same content, for instance 2010: Pverty Elimination.
5. You can talk about it with your friends, colleagues or relatives.
6. You can help people to contact organisations and institutions with economic means in order to act.
7. You can promote an investment trust for a situation of poverty that you know personally.
8. You can invest your money in a reliable Bank in an international investment trust and in companies that respect the international ethical standars about right, environment and employment.
9. You can choose to buy only products in accordance with international ethical standards.
10. You can operate within your own organisations.
11. You can promote your company with initiatives useful to everyone
12. You can choose a job which is not harmful to anyone.
13. You can introduce a discovery, an invention, scientific theories; you can write a book, shoot a movie, reportage, a TV program..
14.You can hand out or stick up leaflets in premises where it is allowed to.
15. You can take part in forums, meetings; you can write letters to companies, media and journalists to sensitise the public opinion
16. You can have a secret task you talk about with no one
17. You can pay taxes.
18. You can carry out a voluntary service with organisations you trust.
19. You can give the good example
20. You can help the others in the limits of your possibilities.
21. You can try to make friends with people you normally do not get along with.
22. Other.


1. If we wished to start 2010 Poverty Elimination independently from the big organisations and expensive projects which require time and professional skills, what do we have to do?
1. Develop friendship and relations where you want to activate the campaign.
2. Understand what is needed to get the economy back into motion (water containers, electricity, seeds, manure, hoes, small business, pliers, nails, pulleys, ropes, bikes, drugs…). It does not take too much sometimes.
3. Create reliable and solid relationships with wealthy people, town councils and organisations directly or through the INTERNET, by mail, messages in a bottle or mobile phones.
4. Explain them what is needed to get the economy back into motion and listen to their opinion.
5. Encourage them to create an investment trust with their friends or acquaintances.
6. Invite them to purchase the necessary means either by mail or directly during a visit or holiday journey.
7. Value whether they prefer to be members of the entrepreneurial activity that you want to start or just investors.
8. Try to save money and invest the return. Try to sell periodic tales of one’s life, manufactured items or local products to investors or those interested. Promote tourism.
9. Be ready to share profits with members or to give back money to investors. If they want, they may even be willing to renew the investment thus fostering economy again.
10. If in doubt, please keep in mind that love has its own price, no one does anything for nothing and that charity is a debt for eternity.

2. Isn’t this too peremptory a statement?
Soon we will realise that the discrimination that the poor have to suffer is the biggest crime for mankind. If the order to act was missing, now it is there. So, come on, move, act, it’s time to eliminate poverty!

3. You talk about small businessmen, rights and environment, love and freedom: that is, a nice global soup without a serious or scientifically proven basis.
Presently we have 5 scientific data that can be proven by any investigation.
1. Where human rights (democracy, good policies, environment, rejection of armed conflicts and wildcat competition) are respected things go much better for everyone.
2. Because of green house effect and pollution (in the long run these may undermine economy) the production of clean energy must be increased.
3. Enterprise is known to be the secret for a good economy. One of the reasons why communist systems failed was the lack of enterprise. Entrepreneurs yield the double, produce innovation and improvement.
4. Employment and activities produce dignity, development, rationality, love and wealth for everyone.
5. Some models or economic initiatives work but others do not. For examples, those industrialised towns of 5-10 thousand inhabitants, tourism, food production, wellness, own production of clean energy, malls with big supermarkets and small shops …work.
In order to solve the problem of poverty scientifically, all the above mentioned 5 data must be considered. In our global campaign for a possible development, we try to keep in mind all these 5 data and the the 3 social principles of non violence. There are no other campaigns for the elimination of poverty as scientific as ours. The others are ideological, ethical, opportunistic or moral, but not scientific.

4. Do you have concrete data about the demands and supplies of the global market?
No precise data though, but according to the latest studies of the LAP Research Centre, in the next 7 years the market will need turbins (aeolian, water ones…), solar panels, thermal power stations (with solar panels, cultivated wood…), wells and pumps for water, aqueducts, water supply ships, environment-friendly tankers, tankers for water preservation, peat, manure, organic humus. Totally, 1450 millions of new employees, 520 millions of new entrepreneurs and 350 millions of them grow organic fruit and vegetables and cultivate timber and humus. In particular, the countries that will mostly demand these services will be India, China, Ecuador, Peru, Angola, Mozambique and Burma…but all the others as well, Burkina Faso too. Where there are entrepreneurs, employees, water, food and electricity there is also the need of houses, light bulbs, TV, supermarkets, roads, cars, schools, hospitals computers…welfare…rights…democracy…holidays…art…happiness, intergalactic journeys…eternity. A big deal for everyone.

5. Is a better Italian health service part of your program?
The Italian Health Service is statistically one of the best in the world and so a model to follow as far as infrastructures and professionalism are concerned. Yet, this does not mean that there are no professional mistakes or health service malfunctions. Thus, an overall cooperation with medical staff is necessary to improve services.
The biggest health service malfunctions in Italy are determined by exaggerations related with food, vices like alcohol and smoking, lack of adequate information about the risk of certain diseases, wrong behaviours like high speed driving or easy access to vehicles over 90 Km/h. It is important to highlight the lack of fast and free health services, such as dentist treatments, specialist analysis and check-ups and preventive wellness (for instance, schools organising trips to the seaside or the mountains, sport courses, relax and psychophysical activities or specific services for the elderly, mentally ill people or disabled persons.
These problems are mainly due to the lack of public financing and, as usual, the poor end up by being strongly discriminated. The lack of financing is due to the fact that 15% of all the taxes paid is used to pay the interests on the public debt and not to improve services or help other countries. Every Italian has 30.000€ of public debt, but this never decreases, since 15% of all the taxes is employed to pay the interests on this debt and not to reduce it.
Thanks to the incredible will of most of its medical staff and to the continuous social strife for the improvement of infrastructures, Italy enjoys a good health level. Yet, this is undermined by governments, either left-wing or right-wing ones, that prefer to pay the interests on the debt rather than improve the National Health Service. The fight for the improvement of the health service is for us a fight against poverty, a fight that, in Italy, must go towards a better use of public and private resources according to primary needs such as free health service for everyone, for the poor as well, everywhere, not only in Italy.

6. How would you calculate the financial regulation rate?
(CE divided by NE) multiple (N divided by P) multiple (E divided by P) multiple (W divided by P) = X
CE: overall world quantity of clean energy
NE: world need of energy to be calculated according to the average European per capita consumption
N: total number of people enjoying human rights
P: world population
E: total number of world entrepreneurs
W: total number of world workers
X: actual growth rate or financial regulation of global economy.

7. Do you really think you can eliminate poverty by 2010?
For us, it is not missiles, money, leaders or masses to improve the world, but rather the spreading of ideas and discoveries and the openness to new points of view.- If what we are proposing were true, then the masses would know that and would work hard to make it real. Between 1988 and 1999 we worked daily (we were not the only ones) at the mental revolution , the spreading of the global point of view, a real success. Since 1999 we have taken up a new enterprise, 2010 Poverty Elimination, a global campaign for a possible development: it aims at solving all the problems of the world through the elimination of poverty. It will be another success.

8. You often talk about powerful economic lobbies: isn’t a world of war worthwhile for them?
First of all we should explain who these powerful lobbies are: the Rockefellers, the British Royal family, the Rothschild, the Murdoch, the Microsoft, the Ikea, the Unions, the Church, the Berlusconi, the mafias, the Emirs... 250-300 lobbies totally. We do not mean that we neither want to tear their guts off nor steal their wealth. We only mean that all human beings must have their own house, their pc, their toothbrush, their rights and freedom. And someone must produce them and sell the, don’t they? Strange but true, presently it’s them those who have more troubles and their biggest problem is that these lobbies are ruled by inefficient, corrupted and backward-looking managers. If they did the accounts, they would realise that eliminating poverty is by far better than waging a war. Obviously, so far the war has been the biggest business. Mess tins, coffins, bullets, shoes, news from the front, power, reconstruction, contracts, exploitation of the defeated, claims of the humiliated…At the moment, those lobbies connected to dollars and to the new ideological task “New Rome – American World Empire” predominate. Yet they are all equally powerful, interdependent and each aims at absolute power. A war between them would only cause self-destruction and overall world devastation. The elimination of poverty and, as a consequence, the supplies for 6 billion people are the great business of the beginning of this third millennium. No war! Unless they have watched so many movies and are confusing the real thing with the virtual one, the happy ending with the end of the world. But maybe someone has already realised that.

9. Can you explain me the phenomenon of mental waves?
A mental wave is something that happens in the same place and that involves everyone. Typical examples in nature are winter hibernation, swarms and migrations of some animals. And these are 3 examples of human mental waves:
- in a stadium, out of the blue, without any previous agreement, all the people say the same slogan;
- when the bell rings all students leave the school;
- on August 1st holidays begin and everyone leaves for the seaside.
Obviously not everyone: someone at the stadium will stay silent, some students will remain in the classroom and unfortunately someone will work even in August. But generally they cannot help being part of what is going on around them and they will act consequently.

10. What are the times and strategies of 2010 Poverty elimination?
As we already said, between 1988 and 1999 we paved the way for the global point of view all over the world. We had a margin of one year but we managed to finish according to the time planning we had set.
From July 1999 we have started the second stage: 2010: Poverty Elimination.
Between 1999 and 2003 our task was to define the campaign and activate it in at least one point. Yet, many of those who had accompanied us during the first stage did not make it in the second stage. It was really hard. To those who are no longer here goes our best memory, to those who gave up goes our best hope. To everyone a big thanks.
We wanted to call it “Skyscraper of Life” or “Decent Life Conditions for Everyone” but we chose “2010: Poverty Elimination”.
Between 2003 and 2007 we will undertake to prepare a big planetary mental wave by activating 2010: Poverty Elimination in as many places as possible.
Between 2007 and 2010, with a year of margin, we will eliminate poverty. But together with all people and organisations. Only then can the third stage begin.

11. How can we take part in 2010 Poverty Elimination?
In this site, click on IMMEDIATE ACTIVATION to see all the possible activities.

12. Your task is very good, I appreciate your commitment, you are surely acting in good faith, but unfortunately your theories are flickering: we are too many on Earth and there are not enough raw materials for everyone, therefore the struggle for conquering them is inevitable.
Thanks for your appreciation. We agree upon birth control but we know that there are enough raw materials for everyone. We want to try and explain it scientifically, always with examples that should be studied further. The main resource we need is energy. Sun and wind are enough. Rivers as well. The wood to burn for the thermal power stations of cold countries can be grown in tundra or on the mountain slopes. Aeolian turbins can be placed everywhere, especially on sea platforms near costs. As for hydroelectric turbins, we do not suggest big dams that destroy the environment. Rather, we advise other innovative systems, such as mill blades spinning thanks to current in the main water stream or in side channels. There can be several plants in the same water stream. Everywhere people talk about solar energy but we would like to focus on the Archimedes’s burning glass system for thermal power stations. The solar energy which is reflected by the glass and its heat concentrated in one spot only to warm water and produce steam make the turbin spin.
Energy production must be accessible to everyone; therefore any kind of mini-plants must be available to supply energy that can be later repaid by purchasing the energy produced. Water is the most plentiful resource of our planet. The energy for desalination, drinkability and transport can be obtained by the above mentioned methods. And the same is for irrigation water. The energy of Aeolian or solar plants is produced only in precise times of the day or of the year and it can be also used to produce liquid hydrogen or compressed air. All this would benefit the lobbies of oil or car manufacturing, since they are very favoured by this business. If they managed to sell every inhabitant of the earth a mini plant for the production of electricity, they would make large profits. And with the purchase and distribution of energy as well. Oil production would not be interrupted, but rather diluted in time. The industrial system related to extraction, transport and distribution also used for water: the technology is the same.
The buying up, control and ownership to the detriment of the others are part of a mentality that used to be positive but that today is no longer useful. Now the real business is to join all efforts and make services accessible to everyone. An eye should be cast also on recycling, energy saving, waste and useless consumption. Finally, as for some very rare raw materials, such as diamonds, one may assure them and hire them and try to gain a return, thus giving everybody the chance to enjoy their beauty.

13. Is the struggle against death penalty in China compatible with the campaign 2010 Poverty Elimination?
It is not only compatible but also complementary, one of the manifold implication of 2010 Poverty Elimination. In China, as in the USA and in other parts of the world, the death penalty affects above the poor who cannot afford a good lawyer or cannot corrupt judges or bribe witnesses. No data are available for China, but in the USA the AND testing proved that half of the sentences in the last 50 years have been carried out on poor or innocent people. The issue of jails will be analysed under Point 4 of the L.A.P. GLOBAL PLAN. .

14. What is your proposal for debt reduction?
Generally we think debts are not to be cancelled. Yet we maintain that the interests deriving from these debts must not be paid. Therefore, the terms of repayment should be revised and the interests already matured should be considered as part of the debt settlement. In other words, this means the elimination of usury (even a 2% usury rate) and the blocking of global monetary inflation. As a consequence, capitalism would turn into investment and investments, not capitals, would give a return: the right ones would give a yield, the wrong ones would not. The safest form of investment would be the various investment funds thanks to companies complying with international ethical norms about environment and rights.

15. You speak about “investment funds”: what do you mean?
Donations and offers are good yet not enough and above all they do not help economy grow. By investment funds we mean:
1. common international investment funds of big financial institutions complying with international ethical norms about rights, environment and employment. These funds already exist but they only represent the 4% of the market of funds in spite of proving their profitability in the last 10 years.
2. fund raising among friends and acquaintances to help a situation of poverty one knows personally.
3. save and invest one’s own money in one of the above mentioned activities.

16. Could you give us an example of an entrepreneurial project in a needy area?
In Answer 1 there are already some hints. But let’s try to provide an example for an area in which desertification is happening. If we are wrong, please correct us. An initial investment of 20.000€ and then another investment of 4.000€/year for 5 years in extensive breeding: thus, at the end of the 5 years, this will give a return of 200.000€.
1. Find a medium-sized tank to store water and tow it to a place
2. purchase water and have it delivered with a tanker
3. purchase some tons of organic humus and some rubber tubes and cut them in pieces of 50 cm
4. reproduce and plant thousands of berry bushes of different kind and tens of big trunk tress and water them by using the tube sticking out of the earth
5. purchase hundreds of goats
6. breed goats
7. pick up the dung, let it ripe and use it to manure the shrubs
8. help the nearby villages to do the same or even better

17. I am sorry, but technically speaking I cannot see how poverty will be eliminated in so short a term.
Mankind has a big resource, that is, armies. The intensive use of disarmed peace keeping forces will be the keystone of human history. For instance, the troops deployed in Iraq could have been used to build hospitals, train qualified personnel, and help start agricultural or entrepreneurial activities. There would have equally been a business for those lobbies who supply the armies and they would have certainly profited by exploiting oil wells. What could have been done in Iraq is what should be done in Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Mozambique, Angola…and that is, help the disarmed peace keeping forces to foster economy and eliminate poverty. If the USA do not want to do it, if the UN cannot, what about Europe?

18. And what about peoples ‘self-determination?
This concept alone is meaningless, since it should go together with cooperation, union, interaction, integration, global point of view, non violence and above all poverty elimination. What can one of the 14 thousands of poor people who die every hour for a mosquito bite self-determine of their life?

19. Ok, but these tasks cannot be fulfilled without an armed intervention to eliminate the evil. First, you have to eliminate intolerant people and then it will be easier to eliminate poverty.
First of all we advise to take a more tolerant stand. Someone may argue that you are intolerant and so among the first to be eliminated. Secondly, yours is a false statement. What is this evil, who are the villain? Do you think there are more freedom and democracy in Italy than in Cuba, China or Palestine? What is freedom? For 15 years by now we have been socially committed but so far neither newspapers nor TVs have given us a space, we do not have a room to gather, a funding to help needy people. We were asked thousands of Euros to appear on TV and talk about the global point of view. We were asked to buy many shares of the publishing house to have an article in a newspaper. If we stuck leaflets on the walls with paper tape, we were fined thousands of euros.
15 years ago we started with non violent public demonstrations to expose the need of love, the forest devastation and the genocide of indigenous populations; yet, after a while we had to stop because the media ignored them but the police clubs did not. Are these the freedom and democracy people talk about? There is much more press freedom in Mozambique than in Italy under the dictatorship of Berlusconi, Confindustria (Italy’s Industrial Federation), the Church and the Unions. In the USA, Australia, Sweden, Germany or England is the same.
In the USA prisoners are the 1% of the population, while in Italy the 0,1 %. Is this “made in the USA” freedom that you want? Only now, thanks to the Internet, one can speak about freedom of thought. But it is just the beginning. The truth is that if you went to Palestine, to Gaza to build a water desalination plant, nobody would harm you. If you went to Cuba to build tourist resorts, to Korea to grow organic vegetables, to India to embank rivers, to Mozambique to teach agriculture or to the Andes to build water pumping systems nobody would point a gun to your temple, no one would place a trap for your bullocks or a stick somewhere else, as you are doing to billions of desperate people who do not have anymore tears to hope for someone’s help.
Do you want them all outside your office to eat you alive? Do you want them in your house at night to do whatever they want? Do you want to find out your daughter has AIDS after letting herself being raped just to buy a phone card to call a friend of hers and tell her “It would be much better if my daddy were nicer and if we all loved each other”? All the police forces of the world would not be enough to stop their revenge because, with technological progress, only one of them who managed to survive will be enough. The poor must be helped since they too understand the meaning of freedom and democracy. But freedom and democracy as we know them, not those values you think of. Please, keep up with the times and have a look at THE GLOBAL POINT OF VIEW : the mental revolution

20. For many years by now we have been committed to eliminate poverty and we have also managed to do something good, but our products are not competitive, they have no market and the development of fair trade does not begin to move. What is your suggestion?
Well done. What you are doing, even with its contradictions, is excellent. Yet this war must not be waged against multinationals or the funding of rich countries for agriculture. It should be addressed to help multinational and the agriculture of poor countries. Let’s try to explain it better. We must fight to assure an income to everyone and to sell the product anyway everywhere in the world, even if it is tough. Multinationals must guarantee the sale of fair trade products at the same price of the other products of the same category by sharing costs between the other items. This would not reduce their profit and, if done properly, it would influence costs slightly. As we already said, these poor multinationals must not be fought but helped since they are ruled by incapable managers. With our method, the population with an income would grow thus increasing the number of clients; otherwise, as it is the case, the people with an income are decreasing and the number of clients as well. And the same should be done with farmers in rich countries. They must not be hindered nor fought; since it is them who can help the agriculture in poor countries grow. They are the alternative to the monopolized system of multinationals and to communism. We should leave them subsidies. Agriculture in wealthy countries works thanks to subsidies for farmers. Agriculture in needy lands does not work because farmers are not given any subsidy. Therefore, twinning and agreements with different associations of farmers and land owners are welcome and similar organisations should be created in poor countries and help them invest in the local production. The resolutions of 2010 Poverty Elimination must be set into motion.

21. You say that more than 900 million poor people died because of the discrimination due to poverty: how did you calculate these figures?
As a date to start the calculation we chose the birth of unilateralism and the global power of the dollar, that is, the fall of the Berlin wall. It was a giant leap for mankind. But from that day on all is valued and quantified according to money thus causing a de facto war between financial lobbies and the exploitation of the poor. The average life expectancy in a country like Italy with approx. less than 10%of critical poverty groups is 80 years. You have to add all those people who have died younger than 80 years since the fall of the Berlin wall and subtract those who have died older than 80 years. In May 1999 the total was about 920 millions: it was at the end of our first stage. Since then, we have not updated the figures anymore and that is wrong, but the fact is that we have to step forward again and eliminate poverty.

22. Can you explain me how to start the campaign “My town in the world”?
At this page of our website: INTERNET CAMPAIGNS,you will find all the campaigns for 2010 Poverty Elimination promoted by Libera Associazione il Popolo.

23. How can you say that life will be eternal? Is it a religious trick?
No, it is an objective within the grasp of scientific progress. With the development of medicine, life expectancy has increased a lot. And in the next decades life will get even longer. As a consequence, also love will become eternal. One will all the time to find it and the eternity to enjoy it.

24. Which is the biggest trick ever?
The fact that the poor and the discriminated were made to believe they were the very cause of their problems. When they are mean is because they are mean; when they are not is because they are not. When they are good is because they are good; when they are not is because they are not. It is always their fault and everything becomes a shame. The colour of the skin, the handicap, habits, their own social and life conditions. This is the biggest trick ever and, at the same time, the biggest obstacle to any possible change. The fault and the guilty-hunt. When one realises that they are not guilty of anything, they immediately go and look for the guilty ones. It may appear too easy, but it is revolutionary: there are not guilty people, we are all innocent. If there is something wrong one must analyse the causes and change them, as problems cannot be sorted out by persecuting the guilty. Rather, they can be solved by changing or wiping out what caused them. Let’s look for the causes and not the guilty. Let’s wear condoms and search for penicillin and vaccines, not Satan, Beelzebub or infected people. Let’s eliminate poverty which is the worst cause and everyone agrees upon. Thus, eliminating poverty may solve most of the present problems, also thanks to the help of scientific progress and technology. Let’s eliminate poverty, please and then let’s go and have some fun!

25. Can you explain me how to get economy back into motion?
All the economic activities that work well and give a profit must be spread and fostered on a global scale. Tourism, wellness, organic farming, own production of clean energy, the economic systems of small enterprises, mutual help between small towns, telecommunications, aqueducts, malls with big supermarkets and, in the same building, hundreds of small shops…In particular, those who want to start these activities must be granted consultancy, advertisement and the purchase of the product. Moreover, the payment of the means of production must be made by instalments according to the percentage of the income gained and it should guarantee a decent survival and the respect of the international legislation about environment, rights and employment. The youth must be helped. The resolutions of 2010 Poverty elimination andInternet Campaigns should be implemented.

26. Activists are very disappointed and frustrated because of failures and betrayals: what is your suggestion?
You do not have to give credit to the media, sensations or life poisoners: there are things that can be done and are useful and there are others that are not, but this happens in real life, not only for poverty. If you are able to do something and you like to do it since it is also useful, why shouldn’t you do it? If it is useless, why do it? Let’s do useful things, that is my suggestion. Things that are useless, pointless, dangerous wear you down, undermine your will, make you impotent. On the contrary, things that are useful and nice give you strength, satisfaction, a meaning and they do not weaken you, so, why not do them? We want to fight for right, possible and beautiful things, since they are favourable for all. Let’s not go hunting enemies, let’s eliminate poverty, please.

27. Utopias, aided economy does not work…
We talk about re-launching the economy through a secured funding of those activities that have proved to work well on the market since people carry them out gladly as they are successful and profitable. Aided economy funds activities without security. Unfortunately such activities as wars, cars, controlled information, mafia’s contracts, do not work well. That is the contrary of what we are proposing. The utopia is to think that things can get better without 2010 Poverty Elimination.

28. My fear was born where poverty and hunger have always been there. How will you cope with those areas where generations of people have grown up in malnutrition and, as a consequence, their brain has not developed properly? How can you manage to save those people from the rooted ignorance that makes them so vulnerable to the exploitation by members of their same community?
In those areas, we need a massive intervention of disarmed armies and the international peace keeping forces that stay with the people until the younger generation or whoever is able to learn can survive decently and work hard to eliminate poverty. We also need an Internet campaign “My town in the world” where a small wealthy town adopts a poorer one. Or the usual big organisations that help people in exchange for money.

29. If what you say is so easy, why isn’t it carried out? What’s the problem?
It is a problem caused by psychic sexual drives. The control of one’s own reproductive inner sensation is confused with the feeling of being able to solve the problems of the world. Personal and social energy and strength are used to gain feelings of cleverness and control instead of sorting problems out. The paradox is very clear, problems are getting bigger and solutions are becoming so easier that the different rulers could not but doing the right thing, even though they suffered from Alzheimer. Therefore, although the world has never been governed by such incapable rulers in all the history of mankind, solutions have never been so easy and accessible to everyone.

30. And how do you solve this problem of mental confusion due to sexual drives?
Everyone can solve it their way. We suggest non violence, respect, love, care and attention. As for the mental confusion of those who rule, some things should be explained, for instance, the problem of poverty is one issue and the colour of ladies’ underwear is another one. Drought is one thing, but one’s own water retention is another thing. Science is one issue but feelings and appearances are often deceptive: the feeling of being clever and control things is different from solving problems. Let’s hope they understand that quickly.

31. I have been following you for so many years by now and I am really taken aback by your success, even in the worst failures. What’s your secret?
THE 3 SOCIAL PRINCIPLES OF NON VIOLENCE, and especially Schietti’s law. Actually, our aim is to carry out what everyone agrees upon and is favourable for all.

32. Let’s hope this big task…
Our task is feasible and favourable for us all thanks to the technological progress. So, let’s get on with it and let’s eliminate poverty.

33. How would you defeat terrorism?
Terrorism derives from the non application of the 3 Social Principles of Non Violence. For many years, the multinationals of arms and energy have applied the “dividi et impera” policy, by financing and helping all that was against someone and wanted to solve problems with the use of violence. The moderate people must be financed. In particular, the issue of the Arab Union must not be left in the hand of fundamentalism. The Arab Union and the Arab currency must be encouraged and the Arabs selves will undertake to solve their own problems.

34. I would like to know what you think about the idea to introduce customs duties towards countries like China. Would such choices damage the poor?
Thanks for asking; if you have other questions, please send them to . Since our aim is not to teach but rather to eliminate poverty, if you think that some of our answers can be improved, please, tell us. As far as the issue of customs duties is concerned, we can say that Chinese products, and generally products form poor countries, do not comply with international etichal norms about rights, environment and employment, therefore they are cheaper and at a disadvantage. But being cheaper is not an advantage: the wealthy countries pay them “double” because of the consequences that this situation creates on a global scale, both environmentally and socially. We have to focus our attention on the international ethical norms. Only ethical products must be imported and all those companies that do not comply with this legislation must be helped thanks to the usual system of expiry dates and transformation times. By doing so, their products will have the same features of those from wealthy countries, without any distinction. Another possibility is to tax all the products that do not comply with this legislation so as their price can go along with that of rich countries and the money gained may be used to help the companies that want to be registered. Regarding this issue, we have started two main campaigns: ETHICAL FINANCE FOR ALL and ETHICAL CONSUMPTION FOR ALL which can be found at INTERNET CAMPAIGNS. Thanks a lot.

35. What do you think about the Paris Club?
The Paris Club is one of the main clubs of capitalism. It is an organisation of creditor countries, that is, they lend money to other countries. To join the Club you have to have more credits than debts. Our proposal for the Paris Club and those alike is to turn into investors. The clubs of capitalism lend money but they do not care about its use. They lend money only to those who want to, with false guarantees and they ask for a yearly usury percentage on that money. We suggest that they use their money for investments, not for loans or they become associates of the activities they invest in. If those activities are good, their capital is revaluated and profits are shared out again. If the investment is not profitable, they will lose their money, thus feeling compelled to care about the investment. If this happens in the next few years, the world will change and even these clubs would benefit.

36. What obstacles are you facing?
Fast and wrong judgment Sometimes words take on different meanings according to those who read them thus causing misunderstandings. But many judge us negatively, accuse us and fight against us instead of helping us and without asking us “why”. Their attitude is wrong and is surely due to some ideological systems that encourage preventive war: pull the trigger whenever it moves; if not with us, against us! We repeat that we are against no one, we would like to help everyone and we do not have any problem to correct our mistakes as long as these faults are showed and proved. Repeating the same mistakes is bad, but making them is not. We are humans.

37. What is your opinion about the business of solidarity?
Are the organisations on a precise area the best from the humanitarian point of view? Are they the best in cornering donations and allocations? Do they cooperate? Is solidarity an aim or a means? How much do they invest in helping the needy, in advertisement and in the care of their organisations? We no longer believe in it. Some organisations are already doing it. We want to see the balance sheet and we want some independent advisors to check them because if the money allocated is so much but the number poor is steadily increasing, this money has not been spent properly. We want to know everything about the destination of this money: churches, buildings, ceremonies, landmarks are always nicer and more magnificent, yet the poor are always poorer.

38. Would you be ready to fight for your ideas?
No, it would be absurd. One fights for wrong ideas, the ones that prove to be useful after a period of distrust get voluntarily improved and employed. One does not need to fight to make a good risotto be eaten. There is no need to advertise a good product and if you give it as a present, people will surely queue to have it.

39. What do you think about NO EXCUSE 2015, the UN global campaign to eliminate extreme poverty by 2015?
Their original project was to halve poverty by 2015, then 2010: Poverty Elimination appeared and in October 2003 they quickly decided to revise all plans and launch NO EXCUSE 2015. Yet, what they are currently saying is all craps (for example, 10 millions of children die every day, which is 3 billions and 650 millions every year). It’s not that scientific. It seems as if they only wanted to obtain funding and justify armed interventions to create fake USA-type democracies. They still have to learn what scientific, useful and feasible mean, a reality totally different from what they dream of in their offices. They believe that:
- diseases can be cured thanks to images of Saints and not in hospital by following medical-scientific instructions;
- Moses crossed the Red Sea flying and not on foot passing thru Suez;
- Che Guevara was non violent
- AIDS can be cured castrating all those who get h orny and not distributing condoms;
- Woman emancipation can be achieved by “making virtual synergies possible” and not by giving employment rights also to the professionals of the oldest job in the world;
- Poverty can be eliminated by begging for charity or being charitable and not by supplying fishing rods and teaching how to use them;
- The trade towards rich countries must be increased instead of towards or between poorer states;
- Subsidies should be taken away from those who have them instead of giving them to those who lack them;
- Peace can be achieved by defeating the enemy and not by signing a peace agreement;
- The biggest fiscal revenue can be obtained by increasing taxation instead of the economy;
- The economy of wealthy countries must decelerate instead of accelerating that of poor countries;
- The man did not land on the moon because it was Americans who went there;
- They are good people, but the others are not;
- They are right even when they are mistaken;
- Their leaders are never wrong and yet they always have to apologise;
- They are non violent and then they get shocked by a kiss and call upon a divine punishment;
- Peoples come to life because of a decree and not because it is favourable.
Without offering the right return to the world economic lobbies, without the resolutions of 2010 Poverty Elimination, they will never succeed: without Schietti’s law it will be war and misery all around. It’s only 2003 and we managed to shake the dinosaur of the glass building. By 2010 we will eliminate poverty, we will make it, come on guys, give it some welly and go for INTERNET CAMPAIGNS!!



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