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The Law regarding predictions for the Future says:
- always take all five possibilities into account: better, worse, steady, beginning and end.
- compare the greatest number of reliable feasible data and check that they don’t contradict one another.

According to the Law regarding the Future and to the data we have gathered, these are the 5 possibilities on a global scale.
1. End: The interests of the various powerful groups prevail. The economic, psychological, social and environmental situation irreversibly degenerates into violence and self-destruction.
2. Worse: The situation increasingly worsens to the extent that armies intervene, setting up a dictatorship, enforcing martial law and keeping the world in a permanent state of war.
3. Steady: The groups in power implement changes which lead the situation to a stalemate characterised by an unreliable news system, major social injustice, fake democracies, mass mobilization, economic crises, terrorist attacks, unsound actions, migrations, wars, famines and environmental disasters.
4. Better: Mass communication spreads through the Internet. Progressive corrective mechanisms are set into motion untill a EU-style process of regionalization of the main areas of the world is accomplished as well as elections of a new democratic world government.
5. Beginning: Global point of view , 3 Social Principles of Nonviolence , 2010: Poverty elimination. A new phase of human history begins when non-violence, scientific approach and prosperity prevail.


1. What do you think about armed interventions in defence of peace and democracy?
They are nonsense because violence breeds violence.

2. What alternatives do you suggest?
2010: Poverty Elimination , Global Campaign for a feasible development.

3. What do you think of Islamic terrorism?
We support the setting up of an Arab Union. Hindering its birth is a big mistake, which fosters fundamentalism.

4. And of the UN?
It’s an instrument of fake democracy.

5. What about those anti-American window-smashing anti-globalists?
There are many violent, non-scientific and non-democratic groups defending right causes such as human rights, peace and the environment.

6. And what about Americans?
Every nation has its merits and faults. Freedom and democracy are meaningless without love and non-violence. The same is true the other way around.

7. What is your opinion on the clash between civilisations?
According to our collected data, (also obtained through the correspondence kept with hundreds of people all over the world) there is no on-going clash between civilisations: civilisations are perfectly compatible. Instead, there is an on-going clash between powerful lobbies with a sure predominion of those connected to the dollar and the New Roma plan – American World Empire.

8. What is meant by EU-style regionalization of the main areas of the planet?
We refer in particular to the Arab countries, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The United States have been a successful nation because they are a confederation of states. Unity is strength and so it will be for Europe. Let us look at Africa, for instance: the borders were created by colonialist powers; the ethnical conflicts which are devastating it, still represent the main consequence of that. Redefining the borders or the balance of power within an inequitable system of nations is not the problem. It is necessary to join forces and guarantee the dignity and cultural wealth of each ethnic group within a great African nation. The absence of one large, single African nation represents a big disadvantage for everyone, also for the multinationals dealing in raw materials which are forced to spend a lot of money on arming armies in defence of their investments.

9. What growing phenomenon baffles you most?
Sexual violence. Poverty, repression, propaganda and need produce a flourishing market for the usual lobbies controlling the mass abuse of other people’s bodies. Billions of people are victims of bleakness, rape and perversion. The exploiters themselves have become the first victims. No-one cares about psychosocial consequences. Young people are abandoned to desperation and sexual diseases. By now, the emancipation of women has become a memory now lost in the hope of some enlightened mind. To give you a faint idea of the phenomenon, I shall say that every year millions of explicit sex scenes of boys not using condoms can be found on the Internet. These boys risk their lives for a few euros; furthermore, they are often persuaded to do so it for free through false promises, out of boast and pride, and without knowing they are being filmed. But,there are hundreds of millions of virtual customers, and this makes an immensely profitable activity for telephone companies. This is also a reason why we support non-violence and poverty elimination.

10. What shall we do if either situation 1 or 2 occur?
Many parts of the world are already plunged into either situation 1 or 2. As far as situation 1 is concerned, it would be necessary to get some survival manuals, read them and keep them at hand. In case you realized you were dead, it would mean that you have lost your life but certainly not your conscience. As for situation 2, you shouldn’t expose yourself, especially if you have already compromised yourself with power.

11. What would you suggest doing in case you realized you were dead?
Up until 2010 our primary goal must be poverty elimination. We therefore suggest always following our suggestions on the the IMMEDIATE ACTIVATIONsite page..

12. What do you mean by women’s emancipation?
Both on a personal and social level, most human behaviours are determined by the choices one makes on the basis of the interpretations of impulses sent by the body to the conscience. Therefore, by women’s emancipation we mean a society which values the impulses produced both by a woman’s body and by a man’s body. Here are some example:
softness and hardness
roundness and squareness
warmth and insight
intelligence and force
tidiness and mess
the part and the whole
teaching and learning
pain and pleasure
good and evil
necessity and desire
justice and respect
equality and diversity
life and death
hatred and love
God and Satan
We certainly don’t believe that equality between men and women is determined by the fact that women can also serve in the army. We are talking about a real revolution, the creation of a new way of thinking, allowing everyone’s conscience to make historically suitable choices: the global point of view. .

13. And by sex tourism?
There are many kinds of sex tourism. Who could deny having at least once hoped to chat someone up during Summer holidays at the beach? So far so good. Yet, as far as we know, in these last years millions of people have gone on holiday to exotic places for the sole purpose of sexually abusing children under 14 years of age. Sometimes we hear about a specific case of paedophilia and groups of 10/15 paedophiles. There are dozens of millions of paedophiles in the world. If we don’t change quickly and on a global scale the the social conditions which allow poverty , justify violence and prefer punishment to rehabilitation, among other things, in a few years there will be several million of grown up “exotic” children, probably HIV positive, attempting to redress the wrongs they suffered. It is impossible to imagine how they would do that, but it generally is one of the many possible ways which could lead to situation 1. If we wish to avoid disaster, we need to prompt a "small" change. People who make mistakes must be helped. It is necessary to quickly shift from punishment to rehabilitation everywhere.

14. If a new time comes, when will the turning point occur?
Do you know that:
1.Armies are mankind’s greatest resource.
2. The turning point in human history will take place once when armies are no longer used for war purposes, peace-keeping, crime fighting, and defending seats of power and start being used to support people in need, build great works, and face emergencies of all kind.
3.Army supplies have been the greatest source of profit since the time of Tutankhamen and Nabuchadnezzar.. Try and think about this: mess-tins, little berets, collar badges, different shoes for each season, daggers, long bayonets, short bayonets, medium bayonets, knives, small knifes, big knives, rucksacks, backpacks , MRE, green t-shirts...
4.The use of armies for humanitarian purposes would guarantee employment to professional soldiers and to workers of the war industries, and the continuity business among those industries that have secured it for themselves.
5. Instead of missiles, hospital equipment, tractors and means of production, could be built to be given away or sold in interest-free installments prorated as per product profit to people in need, and which armies could teach them how to use re-launching the economy of poor countries and of the whole world.
6.Wouldn’t it be great if we truly stopped fighting in this world and war could be turned into an Olympic sport complete with medals. .
7. This way, all peoples would be happy and so would children and even more so women, young and old people. Everybody would be happy, love would prevail and life would be just great.
8.The above would be a typical enforcement of Schietti’s law. The first social principle of non-violence.
9. It is for these purposes that the Libera Associazione il Popolo promotes the Internet Campaign THE ARMY OF LOVE.

15. What does the monetary economic crisis consist of?

Due to uncontrolled competition, to achieve cost cuts salaries are reduced and when salaries shrink the capital to be allocated to product purchases drops. When production decreases, costs increase and therefore profits and salaries drop. In order to solve the economic crisis, it is necessary to raise salaries and sell income-generating products on an interest-free instalment basis, which then may be repaid through the income they produce. In other words, it is just a matter of carrying out the resolutions of the global campaign for feasible development: 2010: Poverty Elimination .

16. What do you think about the Internet?
Music, cinema, television, they have all produced apathy and psychological disorders, a bit like religion: billions of people wandering around in a trancelike state, oblivious of the world. Nothing but a series of illusory sounds and images clashing with real life and prompting people to to sleep or to walk around in a state of derangement, prey to all sorts of delusions. The Internet can produce a direct shift from this trancelike delusion to collective schizophrenia. A kind of existential paradox which sees a virtual world of happiness, freedom and desire to be in the limelight on one side, and a real world of violence, exploitation and destruction on the other. The Internet is a child of our time and can determine a shift to either better or worse conditions than those we have seen up to now. If the Internet becomes an integral part of our world and helps in asserting the global point of view, then the Internet will be one of the main instruments of the greatest revolution ever. If not, like religion, cinema and television, it will become a new kind of drug, a substitute for reality. One of the many ways to gradually drift into situation 1, towards the end, while dreaming of being happy.

17.And about those who fight against poverty?
First, let’s make it clear that there are different ways to fight against poverty. Poverty elimination is a concept that encompasses economic revival, the fight against illiteracy rather than that against malaria, hunger or violence. Yet, anybody who is committed to voluntary work as well as anybody who has a socially useful job and gets rightly paid for it, can be said to be fighting against poverty. Tax payers also support poverty elimination by financing education, international co-operation and public health. Of course, our thought and praise particularly go out to those who put their life at risk in unbearable situations to fight against poverty. These people are the great heroes of our time; there are many of them and they’d deserve the headlines every day. The heck with terrorists, hawks and bureaucrats?! For those of us who are suffering and can’t cope anymore, for those of us, and therefore for the great majority of human beings on planet Earth, these people are our heroes. Our affection and warmest thanks go out to all of them. Thank you!

18.What is your opinion of the World Bank and IMF actions?
As a result of the fact that they primarily have to obey the lobbies connected to the dollar, they have adopted policies to their advantage and have made a great number of wrong decisions, therefore impoverishing billions of human beings: peoples, nations and entire continents. Everywhere, there are social conflicts, struggles between poor people, absence of solidarity, pursuit of self-survival to the detriment of society at large. Practically speaking, we are all against each other and no one can trust anybody. As a consequence, self-interested people are now among the political, economic and military executive cadres, especially among those of the World Bank and IMF, and they are acting against society and the organisations they belong to. In order to come through, it is not important to change executive cadres with new or even worse ones. It is instead essential to carry out the 2010: Poverty Elimination resolutions.



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