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As a foreword, we would like to help anyone who is eager to understand the global point of view by offering this great message of hope. Between 1988 and 1999 we had the chance to explain it to each of the about 700,000 people of more than 40 different cultures, in the streets of at least 200 towns all over the world (Manaus, Bombay, Frankfurt, Moscow, Tokyo; New York…). We had the chance to explain it during thousands of public speeches, knocking on the doors of more than 300,000 houses, handing out millions of leaflets and reaching even the remotest villages of ancient tribes. Since July 1999, we have undertaken the 2010: Poverty Elimination Campaign and on January 14th 2003 we gave birth to this site. Since the day the man landed on the moon, something changed. The vision of mystics, artists and scientists is nowadays comfortably true to everyone. That huge gap between peoples and individuals has eventually been filled. There will be love, fulfillment, rights and freedom for everybody. Living will be a right. Superstition, violence and suffering are doomed to be a blurred memory of the past. During the first planetary TV live coverage human conscience opened to a new point of view. When Armstrong turned towards the Earth,7 things changed in people's mind, which are the biggest revolution of all times. These are:


1. All human experiences, individuals, peoples, past, present and future blended into the sole view of the planet Earth in the sky. All that was divided seemed to be strictly bound to the same destiny. Everything was happening in the same place at the same time and it was wonderfully beautiful, graceful and lovable.
2. Yet, it is known that the senses play tricks on us, so life went on as if the Earth was still and the sun was turning around it. Nevertheless, it was clear that we move on a sphere turning around itself and the sun which, in turn, spins around in the middle of a Galaxy called the Milky Way. This is thought to be turning in the middle of something we call Universe. Science and progress overcame superstition and obscurantism. Eternal life stopped to be a religious dogma and started to be an objective within scientific progress’ grasp.
3. All human beings were thought to be “on the same boat”, therefore they felt the need to help one another. Not only God, but all human beings with their destiny were situated in the skies. All individuals, their opinions and aspirations started to be a fundamental and irreplaceable part of the universe. The great richness of mankind.
4. As a consequence, identifying themselves in mankind turned out to be natural. Every suffering and joy of any human being started to be everybody’s suffering and joy. Crowds began to get involved to sort general problems out and to make life accepted by everyone's conscience.
5. That global vision of oneself and the others, of the universe, history and destiny, which once belonged to mystics, artists and scientists, that comforting, endless and inspiring vision that used to be named God, eventually became everyone’s.
6. The unconceivable had become conceivable and therefore the idea of “unconceivable”, that is God, changed. God was everything, but everything had changed.
7. The Peoples started to feel the need to adjust themselves to this change to free themselves from the past, bias and mutual hatred and to create one huge global nation, the reign of love, fulfilment, rights and freedom. The triumph of non violence, science and prosperity: in search of love and eternity to conquer the endless space.


Considering what we are living now, if we tried to walk in an Astronaut’s boots who looks at his planet up in the sky, close to the stars, what idea would we have? We think we are living an epoch-making change. Technology and progress increased speed and decreased time. Connections are very fast and changes can happen so quickly. Yet, this generates tension. Many mental systems are not ready and resist by trying to stop history over its triumph in different historical conditions. In every corner of the world wars are waged not only between armies of different nations, but also between parties of the same nations, between factions of the same parties, inside factions, families, lobbies, companies, clans, religions, everywhere. It is clear something big is going to happen. If fight were the rule, whoever felt to be right would assume the right to use violence. It would be a mental explosion, more than a physical one. The conscience of billions of people would not bear the clash of their internal contradictions and collective schizophrenia would be the result. Yet, this is not bad: it is only a sign of the need to be aware of the change in progress and make an effort to stretch a hand toward alleged enemies to hug them, caress them, love them and help them, ask them questions and listen to them, accept their virtues and faults and ask them to do the same with us. It is well known that the human mind is dualist. Good and Evil, God and Satan, man and woman. But for this same reason, the mind can follow a brand new path whose terms are not contradictory but complementary, not in competition but helpful, not dialectic but communicative. More than in other times, one has to use the brain and stimulate the development of of new neural connections to go beyond what has always been thought and be open to accept the newest of the 7 points previously mentioned.. Pragmatically, only by carrying out point number 4 the mind manages to be clearer, to understand the revolution we have talked about and live that wonderful destiny which soon will belong to the entire human race. (Domenico Schietti, January 2003)


1 - Sorry, should I be brief?
Non-violence, scientific method, poverty elimination.

2 - Actually in 1988 nobody spoke of a global point of view and that’s why you were so successful. But have you been repeating this same speech to everyone for 10 years?
Yes, we have. Even though we also worked on specific issues of the global point of view in order to make it clearer in certain periods. We organised forums open to everyone, publications open to everyone, campaigns about topics of common interest and we also cooperated in many activities of other organisations. We managed to carry out important projects, such as lights in dangerous crossroads, rather than saving entire populations from death or genocide.

3.What is your view of the past?
What has been does not jeopardize what is going to be. The prosperity and joy of everyone glorifies everybody’s past; we talk about future, we talk about non violence, science and elimination of poverty. Let’s eliminate poverty, please.

4. How should we behave with bad people or those who are always distrustful, prejudiced, or those who want death, revenge and destruction?
Even though they were in charge of something, in most cases they are weak people, scared and alone, with tensions and serious illnesses, who often have addictions (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, chocolate, painkillers). They are advised to take care of themselves or to see a doctor they trust. In other cases, they are already under treatment and have to be treated like any other sick person, maybe sometimes they should be given flowers or a ticket for the circus sometimes.

5. And what about the struggle for power and possession?
Julius Caesar would exchange his empire for one of our laptop PCs. The world has changed. The main desire is not to settle down but rather to travel, to have few objects easy to carry along. The logic of power and possession is like the art of riding a horse: before the invention of engines it was an existential need but today it is just a hobby for enthusiasts. People used to go on very long pilgrimages to see a painting or a beautiful picture; today you just need turn the TV on or to connect to the Internet. Nobody wants golden taps or servants any longer. People want freedom: the world has changed. Power and success are anachronistic. The future is not Blade Runner or Matrix, but tenderness, poetry and tranquillity. An agricultural contractor with a tractor does the job of a million of farmers of the past. And the same is true for employees and workers with computers and technology. The elimination of poverty is no more a utopia, but rather a reachable task: Let’s eliminate poverty, please.

6. Why didn’t almost anybody realise that?
You can’t see it inside of it (the forest, the immensity, the youth, the joy, the Earth, mankind…

7. You speak about the Milky Way turning around in the middle of the Universe. What about the Big Bang?
Actually we don’t have enough data. For instance it has to be clarified whether the space exists outside the human conscience or it is a phenomenon of the conscience itself. And the same is true for time. Data are too few and it is all fantasy theories and unjustified projections of the dominant mental system.

8. Can you explain me better what you said under 5 and 6 about God?
The concept of God must be redefined on a global scale because it has been mixed up. When we talk about God, nobody knows what we are talking about or who He is or what this God is, what one’s own is or the others’, whether He is one or many. It is a big confusion and therefore we must make an effort to find a solution that may be improved as time passes and that may please everybody at present. Since we know that no God is for poverty, while theological questions are being settled, our proposal is to get together to help the weak, the ones in need, the sick, the harmless and those who suffer: 2010:Poverty Elimination. .

9. How can you explain the global point of view to children?
Just give them a globe, and then it will happen naturally.

10. I’m sorry, but I haven’t understood anything…
Space missions opened the human mind to a new point of view. Millions of people were spontaneously pushed to get together in the name of love, non violence, rights, mankind, prosperity, freedom and science. But after the fall of the Berlin wall all this came to an end. Only some still kept on believing in it. They kept the fire of hope alight and now the world is ready to embark on a new adventure: the elimination of poverty.

11. Can you tell me a funny anecdote?
Usually we see the Moon by looking up in the sky and, from the point we look upwards, we have an optic impression which makes us feel to be lower if compared to the Moon. Most people, when they imagine being on the Moon and looking at the Earth, think that the Earth is underneath and they have to look at it as if leaning out of a window and look downwards. They cannot understand that, on the Moon, if you look downwards you still see the Moon. And that is true for the Earth as well. On the Earth, the sky can be seen by looking up and the Moon, the Sun and the Stars are up in the sky. Thus, on the Moon, the sky can be seen by looking upwards and the Earth, the Sun and the Stars are up in the sky and are visible by looking up in the sky itself. The Earth is in the sky. The human being is in the sky. Our destiny is in the sky. That’s all. It sounds like a nonsense, but it’s the biggest mental revolution of all times.

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